Happy New Year from Music Dot Net

Music dot net wishes a happy new year to all

Again AR Rahman Honoured for "JAI HO"

"World Soundtrack Awards" held on saturday at Belgium. In that show, our composer Mr. AR Rahman won the "Best Original Song Written Directly for a Film" award for "Jai Ho".

Some other famous people won awards for their composition. "Discovery of the Year" award won by US composer Nico Muhly for his work on "The Reader". Three times oscar winning composer Mr. Marvin Hamlisch won "Lifetime Achievement" award.

MJ Tickets on Sale | Music Dot Net

In LS, the Michael Jackson film is going to release on October 27, and this film only be shown for two weeks after release.

Title of the movie is "MJ's This Is It residency", this movie is made of rehearsal done my the MJ for his shows.

MJ lovers around the world are eagerly waiting for this movie, and for getting tickets long line is waiting in Los Angeles.

World without Music

The world without music is like hell. Could you imagine world without music? i think most of us wont live in this world without music. In each and every thing there will be music. For me world will be empty without music. World communicates with music, which connect the peoples from all over the world.

Music revolves not only around the world, but also in music dot net.

New Moon Soundtrack | Music dot Net

I think most of us are looking forward for the movie "New Moon". Now New Moon tracklist released on monday. The full album is going to be released on October 20 and New Moon hits movie theaters on November 20th. There are fourteen soundtracks, here i have mentioned some of the soundtracks of New Moon :
"The Violet Hour", "Friends", "Satellite Heart", "Shooting the Moon" and some other.

Music dot net is waiting for the soundtrack and the movie.

Role of Music in Our Life

In this fast moving world music plays a significant part. We don't have time in our day to day life but music does something good to the listeners. As said before it not only relaxes a person but it stays as a way to express themselves. Obviously the sound makes us feel pleasant or sometimes excited.

Music serves mainly serves as an entertaimment factor but in some cases like an occasion or an event, to make it more lively music is required. This creates a pleasant relationship among the people who are a part of it.

Most of the people nowadays hear to a lots of music. This has become a day today activity. We can see people hearing to songs while travelling in cars, buses and almost where ever they go for a journey. Whether they listen or not the music will be running default at these times.

The best thing in life most of us would have experienced is listening to slow songs at nights. It sometimes makes us feel happy and sad sometimes. On listening to the songs in a lonely place takes us to some other place that people say they are lost in music.

Thus music with or without our knowledge has become a part of our lives. This is because music is the only thing that deeply touches our soul than anything else.

Here Music Dot Net is fully dedicated to music and people who love music.

About Melody in Music Dot Net

Music is based upon certain key elements. They are melody, harmony, rhythm and so on.. In our daily life we have a lot of pressure on our mind. There are simply too many things that occupy our mind. These may cause stress or even depression which leads to a mind which dont have peace. Obviously we need a peaceful mind so that we can build a calm atmosphere in any situation.

To overcome these situations we can do some simple things that relaxes our mind within some fraction of time. That is by listening music. It does not take much time in our daily busy schedules. Melodies have been recommended as an aid for positive change in mood and our emotional states.

Melodies have really a profound effect on us. The best example for this is the lullabies sang to calm children and make the child sleep. A little melody in our daily work makes us a feel relaxed inspite of our hectic schedules. Once you have found a right melody just sit back and focus on it to atleast 10 mins a day. It has the effect of lowering your heart rate and breathing rate and therefore releases the tension that comes with the pain. So it is advised by even doctors to listen to melodies which makes us stay cool...