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In LS, the Michael Jackson film is going to release on October 27, and this film only be shown for two weeks after release.

Title of the movie is "MJ's This Is It residency", this movie is made of rehearsal done my the MJ for his shows.

MJ lovers around the world are eagerly waiting for this movie, and for getting tickets long line is waiting in Los Angeles.

World without Music

The world without music is like hell. Could you imagine world without music? i think most of us wont live in this world without music. In each and every thing there will be music. For me world will be empty without music. World communicates with music, which connect the peoples from all over the world.

Music revolves not only around the world, but also in music dot net.

New Moon Soundtrack | Music dot Net

I think most of us are looking forward for the movie "New Moon". Now New Moon tracklist released on monday. The full album is going to be released on October 20 and New Moon hits movie theaters on November 20th. There are fourteen soundtracks, here i have mentioned some of the soundtracks of New Moon :
"The Violet Hour", "Friends", "Satellite Heart", "Shooting the Moon" and some other.

Music dot net is waiting for the soundtrack and the movie.

Role of Music in Our Life

In this fast moving world music plays a significant part. We don't have time in our day to day life but music does something good to the listeners. As said before it not only relaxes a person but it stays as a way to express themselves. Obviously the sound makes us feel pleasant or sometimes excited.

Music serves mainly serves as an entertaimment factor but in some cases like an occasion or an event, to make it more lively music is required. This creates a pleasant relationship among the people who are a part of it.

Most of the people nowadays hear to a lots of music. This has become a day today activity. We can see people hearing to songs while travelling in cars, buses and almost where ever they go for a journey. Whether they listen or not the music will be running default at these times.

The best thing in life most of us would have experienced is listening to slow songs at nights. It sometimes makes us feel happy and sad sometimes. On listening to the songs in a lonely place takes us to some other place that people say they are lost in music.

Thus music with or without our knowledge has become a part of our lives. This is because music is the only thing that deeply touches our soul than anything else.

Here Music Dot Net is fully dedicated to music and people who love music.

About Melody in Music Dot Net

Music is based upon certain key elements. They are melody, harmony, rhythm and so on.. In our daily life we have a lot of pressure on our mind. There are simply too many things that occupy our mind. These may cause stress or even depression which leads to a mind which dont have peace. Obviously we need a peaceful mind so that we can build a calm atmosphere in any situation.

To overcome these situations we can do some simple things that relaxes our mind within some fraction of time. That is by listening music. It does not take much time in our daily busy schedules. Melodies have been recommended as an aid for positive change in mood and our emotional states.

Melodies have really a profound effect on us. The best example for this is the lullabies sang to calm children and make the child sleep. A little melody in our daily work makes us a feel relaxed inspite of our hectic schedules. Once you have found a right melody just sit back and focus on it to atleast 10 mins a day. It has the effect of lowering your heart rate and breathing rate and therefore releases the tension that comes with the pain. So it is advised by even doctors to listen to melodies which makes us stay cool...

Music Is Passion on Music Dot Net

If you are music lover, you have come to the right place! Music dot net has been launched to quench the thirst of ardent music lovers. Here music of any genre including hip hop, rock, pop, disco, folk, lullabies, elegies, and all melodies will be celebrated with enthusiasm. If you had been researching the internet all these while to find a complete music blog, music dot net is just right for you.

Music dot net is inclined toward bringing joy to those millions of souls that are longing to listen to latest music. It would be apt to quote Shakespeare’s verse here, “If music be the food of love, play on, Give me excess of it; that surfeiting the appetite may sicken, and so die.” This music blog intends to provide you with passionate music news that would lighten your souls.

Whether you are a lover of music or a music student, find all kinds of music news here. Every one of the latest music events and music news will be webcast here for your enjoyment. It also intends to discourse on musical notes, musical instruments, stage performances, concerts, albums and cultural music. At music dot net, you can find reviews on various music albums, master pieces, and classics.

If you feel that including any popular music album or video would enhance the value of the blog or if you feel audience would greatly benefit from any music news not found in the blog, you can send your requests and suggestions. What are you waiting for go ahead explore the blog and start enjoying the collection!

MTV VMA for Britney Spears

Pop Angel Britney Spears won the MTV VMA(Video Music Award) for best pop video for the song "Womanizer" on Sunday. The fans of Britney was little disappointed, because she was unable to accept the prize. As we know she is in tour.

But through satellite on the VMA broadcast she thank the VMA for the prize and she said "I am so sorry i could not be there tonight. I am on tour, as you can see, but this means so much to me. Thank you, thank you and thank you!"

Her backup dancers then cheered for her!!

Green Day won Video Music Award for best rock video for its clips "21 Guns."

Video Music Awards opened by Madonna

Queen of Pop opened the MTV Video Music Awards 2009 in New York and She personally started with a tribute to MJ. She described her early friendship with MJ. While speaking, she said: "When i heard about MJ death, i was in London, MJ was supposed to perform in the same program as me a week. While he was trying to build a family we were all busy, most of us had turned our backs on him."

She also said : "There will never be anyone like him again, He was a King".

Nokia Music Phones X6 and X3

Latest announcement in Nokia is about Nokia X6 and X3. These two devices is fully dedicated to music.

Nokia X6, its comes in Red and Blue scheme. Features of X6 is, 32GB memory storage, with 35 hours of music playback, 16 days standby time, 3.2 inch touchscreen LCD display with the resolution of 360x640, a 5 megapixel camera. Its an ultimate device for all the music junks.
Other features includes, it will give 8 hours of talk time on GSM, Bluetooth, A-GPS.

Nokia X3, it is also comes in Red and Blue Scheme. Features, its an slider design, has 2.2 inch QVGA screen with the resolution 240X320, Built in FM radio, Stereo speakers, 3.2 Megapixel camera. X3 comes with 46MB memory, it will give up 7.5 hours of talk time and music can be played upto 36 hours. Other features are Bluetooth Connectivity, dedicated music keys, speaker phone, songs can be easily transfer through USB cable.

Both these Nokia music phone will be available in October. The price for Nokia X6 is around 450 Euros, in dollars $640, while the other Nokia X3 is 115 Euros, in dollars $165.

Music Dot Net is waiting for the arrival of these two music phones.

Things to Think Before selecting a Music teacher for your Kid

Teaching music is something that left many parents searching for their children. The most common time in the pursuit of musical training is very early in the summer or during the school year starts again. When choosing a music teacher or school, there are several factors to consider.

First, what instrument is playing, what your child or if you want to play? If the piano or violin, it is likely that teachers in the region can learn. If the less common, such as the bassoon and bass, it is possible that little or no teachers in your area. When a music teacher in your area instrument for your child, not to hire him or her immediately. Look at his credentials to see whether it has jurisdiction to learn this instrument. If you can not be a qualified teacher in your area to find, you might look elsewhere.

The places where you can see high quality teachers are: local music stores (for recommendations or taught in the home), local universities, teachers in local music directory (private schools of music will be in the list) or by word of mouth. Ask friends for names of the teachers of their children. "Remove the recommendations of music teachers or owners of music stores in your area. Have a large number of recommendations.

Once you have a list of music teachers in their area, a list of questions for these people when you meet them. These are all questions you should ask:

* Did you play this instrument professionally? Otherwise play an instrument and professional?

* How long have you played this instrument? How long were you a musician?

* What is the originin music? Do you have degrees? The benefits of education?

* As the working-age children more comfort? What level of performance that feels more comfortable?

* What is your philosophy of music education? Do you work in the musical talents are not directly related to the instrument?

Wait until the teacher has extensive experience in the implementation of the instrument, even if it is primarily played the instrument. For example, the violinists to play, and learn the viola and other string instruments. May teach clarinet and saxophone, or vice versa. The teacher must have studied and played many shows in each instrument.

It is better to have someone who at least studying one musician or become a teacher instead of a high school student. Someone half year or higher and have field experience, or experience a further presentation. Education Bachelor's or even earlier is better for some teachers, but more is not everything, especially in younger people.

Your teacher must be comfortable working with children in the age of your child and skill levels. They should also learn skills in addition to the basic operations. A good teacher of music in the background working on rhythm, pitch, playback of music and other basic skills with a young musician. If the teacher says he is not reluctant to hire if he is good at teaching the instrument.

A red flag in the teachings of the instrument itself as the teacher insists on using exactly the same with all books, and education by the same all the time. A good tutor must adapt their approach to every student who comes in must also be flexible in what is seen during the lesson. If a teacher seems to require that students largely prepared each time it is not prepared to answer questions or a student who pushes his students hard, do not hire help.

Find someone you want who you think you and your student can work. Someone who teaches musical whole, not just the instrument. Someone who is flexible with you and your child. Someone who has extensive experience and know what they talk. When you register you can rent one of these excellent music teacher and a great musical experience!

Jackson Glove Sold

Jackson's glove sold for US $49,000. A Jewelled white glove threw to an Australian fan in 1996. When MJ went to Australia in 1996 he tossed the glove into a crowd after film premiere, that was a History world tour. The glove was caught by music collector Bill Hibble, who has since died. His mother wanted to put the glove up for auction.

The glove was bought by the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

Auction house Bonhams and Goodman said "which was worn by Jackon on the day he married Debbie Rowe". MJ wore the white glove when he performed the Moonwalk on the Motown 25 TV special in 1983. That glove being sold by Commodores, he is a member of Walter Orange, who got the glove from Jackson as a gift.

Music Dot Net going to experience Nokia Music Store

Nokia launced its "Nokia Music Store" in India. This offers Hindi films, international and regional soundtracks across all boundaries. Vice President of Nokia, said "With over three million tracks, India Music Store will have the most diverse portfolios of content, covering 20 genres and almost 90 percent of the local music in India".

As of now, people cannot buy songs off the service using credit cards or money. It depends upon vouchers included in the retail packages of selected Nokia devices, such as N97, XpressMusic line-up, E71 and others.

The "Nokia Music Store" can be accessed through our cell phones or through desktop using Nokia Music Client. Once you connect your Nokia phone to PC, you can automatically sync up the two devices, you can access and browse through tracks or by search, you can also create your wish list and download songs from the store.

Every week we can download few tracks for free. And before downloaded the song, you can listen to preview of the song for 30 seconds.

Nokia India managing director Shivakumar said "Music is a very local experience and that is why the India Music Store has content from Oscar winner AR Rahman and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire music industry and our esteemed partners for helping the Music Store come alive for the Indian consumers."

Nokia has partnership with international music labels such as Sony Music, Universal Music Group, BIG Music, Venus and some other.

Nokia Music Store will be started in this year. Date has not been announced. Music Dot Net is waiting for the "Nokia Music Store" to download the music package.

New Arrival of Backstreet Boys in Music Dot Net

"This Is Us", the latest album of Backstreet Boys. Backstreet Boys sold more than 76 million records to the date. They reveal the story about "This Is US". One of the pop star of Backstreet Boys AJ McLean tells "On this particular record, it runs our own lives for the frist time". Instead of being told who they were going to work with and what songs they were going to sing, they started calling their own shots and personally contacted the producers they wanted to work with.

At the being in control the band personally invested in the material, so they took it personally when the tracks leaked in online. McLean says "we were a little bit bummed about it, because we are trying to keep this whole record kind of a secret." He also said, when the track was leaked in online, they didnt actually picked the final 12 tracks, so it will be cool to see the different fans.

The album "This Is Us" going to be released on October 6 and the band again round the world once it released. Music dot Net is waiting for the arrival of "This Is Us".

Music Dot Net Blockbuster 2009

MTV announceds Blockbuster 2009 Video Music Awards and it going to be held on September 13 were Beyonce, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga and Taylor swift going to perform live on that show. This was the last news by MTV.

Now they have invited "New Moon" to the show, that is "Twilight" stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will appear on the show to debut an exclusive expanded trailer for "New Moon".

New Moon film's first trailer premiered this year MTV Movie Awards, On the 26 annual Video Music Awards MTV will debut the first single off the "New Moon" soundtrack, the Death Cab for Cutie Tune "Meet Me on the Equinox".

New Moon is going to be release on November 20 and the soundtrack drop on October 20.

On September 13th, Video Music Awards will pit Lady Gaga against Beyonce. Both pop star has be nominated for 9 awards. Britney Spears has garnered 7 nominations for her "Womanizer" and "Circus" clips. Kenye West, Eminem and Coldplay received 4 nomiations each. Additional performers include Green Day, Pink, Muse. Presenters are Katy Perry, Nelly Furtado, Leighton Meester. Additional presenters and performers will be announced in coming weeks.

Queen of Music Dot Net

Latest News about Madonna is about here Sticky & Sweet tour. This is the second highest grossing tour of all time. Sticky & Sweet tour by a solo artist earned a gross of $480 million, and second only to the Rolling Stones $558 million Bigger Bang tour of 2005-2007.When Chairman of Global Music and CEO of Global Touring Mr Arthu Fogel says, "She is absolutely one of the great performers of all time". He is also the producer of Madonna's tours.

According to the Live Nation, Sticky & Sweet has moved more than 3.5 million fans to 85 shows in 32 countries. Madonna set a record for the biggest crowds in history in Zurich, Switzerland, where she brings the largest audience ever (72,000). In Sweden show, 119,000 fans, this broke the record for highest grossing multiple shows. In Helsinki, Finland, more than 85,000 tickets were sold for Sticky & Sweet. This is the biggest single show by an artist in history. Here are the other madonna attendance record, in Buenos Aires and Argentina more than 250000 fans were arrived, in Sao Paolo, Brazil (203,000), Warsaw, Poland (79,000), Sofia, Bulgaria (54,000) and goes on...
Now Sticky & Sweet broke Madonna's previous record for top solo tour ever with her Confessions tour, which earned $192 million in the year 2006.

As i said before "She is Queen of POP"... Long Live the Queen of Pop :D

Comes with Music | Music Dot Net

Nokia" the world's top cellphone maker. They launched the music service last October and they also announced the service will be opened in United States in 2009. But now its delayed to next year the launch of its music service in United States.

Nokia launched its music bundle "Comes with Music" last year in Britain. So far Nokia has launched the service in nine countries.

One of the spokeswomen in Nokia said "We have not given any time for when it will be launched in North America and we are planed to launch in priroity basis". So, this clearly says definitely not in current year.

"Comes with Music" offers Unlimited music from major music labels and the music can be kept after the contract has expired. In this music bundle, the individual tracks can be downloaded to our personal computers and to a phone for free.

United States is waiting for this music bundle and music dot net too... :)

Voting System Changed for Best Picture category announced Oscar Academy

On Monday "The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences" confirmed about new voting
system for best picture category. According to the preferential voting system Academy, will
chose the award for best picture category. In June, the Academy's Board of Governers
announced that they are extending the list for best picture nominess from 5 to 10.
According to the statement released by Academy, the new voting system is "Best allows the
collective judgement of all voting members to be most accurately represented". Usually the
best picture marked by 'X', now they can indicate their second, third and further preferences as well.

For 82nd Academy Awards, nominees will be announced on February2, 2010 and the awards will be presented on March 2010, at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.