New Arrival of Backstreet Boys in Music Dot Net

"This Is Us", the latest album of Backstreet Boys. Backstreet Boys sold more than 76 million records to the date. They reveal the story about "This Is US". One of the pop star of Backstreet Boys AJ McLean tells "On this particular record, it runs our own lives for the frist time". Instead of being told who they were going to work with and what songs they were going to sing, they started calling their own shots and personally contacted the producers they wanted to work with.

At the being in control the band personally invested in the material, so they took it personally when the tracks leaked in online. McLean says "we were a little bit bummed about it, because we are trying to keep this whole record kind of a secret." He also said, when the track was leaked in online, they didnt actually picked the final 12 tracks, so it will be cool to see the different fans.

The album "This Is Us" going to be released on October 6 and the band again round the world once it released. Music dot Net is waiting for the arrival of "This Is Us".