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Latest News about Madonna is about here Sticky & Sweet tour. This is the second highest grossing tour of all time. Sticky & Sweet tour by a solo artist earned a gross of $480 million, and second only to the Rolling Stones $558 million Bigger Bang tour of 2005-2007.When Chairman of Global Music and CEO of Global Touring Mr Arthu Fogel says, "She is absolutely one of the great performers of all time". He is also the producer of Madonna's tours.

According to the Live Nation, Sticky & Sweet has moved more than 3.5 million fans to 85 shows in 32 countries. Madonna set a record for the biggest crowds in history in Zurich, Switzerland, where she brings the largest audience ever (72,000). In Sweden show, 119,000 fans, this broke the record for highest grossing multiple shows. In Helsinki, Finland, more than 85,000 tickets were sold for Sticky & Sweet. This is the biggest single show by an artist in history. Here are the other madonna attendance record, in Buenos Aires and Argentina more than 250000 fans were arrived, in Sao Paolo, Brazil (203,000), Warsaw, Poland (79,000), Sofia, Bulgaria (54,000) and goes on...
Now Sticky & Sweet broke Madonna's previous record for top solo tour ever with her Confessions tour, which earned $192 million in the year 2006.

As i said before "She is Queen of POP"... Long Live the Queen of Pop :D