Music Dot Net going to experience Nokia Music Store

Nokia launced its "Nokia Music Store" in India. This offers Hindi films, international and regional soundtracks across all boundaries. Vice President of Nokia, said "With over three million tracks, India Music Store will have the most diverse portfolios of content, covering 20 genres and almost 90 percent of the local music in India".

As of now, people cannot buy songs off the service using credit cards or money. It depends upon vouchers included in the retail packages of selected Nokia devices, such as N97, XpressMusic line-up, E71 and others.

The "Nokia Music Store" can be accessed through our cell phones or through desktop using Nokia Music Client. Once you connect your Nokia phone to PC, you can automatically sync up the two devices, you can access and browse through tracks or by search, you can also create your wish list and download songs from the store.

Every week we can download few tracks for free. And before downloaded the song, you can listen to preview of the song for 30 seconds.

Nokia India managing director Shivakumar said "Music is a very local experience and that is why the India Music Store has content from Oscar winner AR Rahman and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire music industry and our esteemed partners for helping the Music Store come alive for the Indian consumers."

Nokia has partnership with international music labels such as Sony Music, Universal Music Group, BIG Music, Venus and some other.

Nokia Music Store will be started in this year. Date has not been announced. Music Dot Net is waiting for the "Nokia Music Store" to download the music package.