BBC Launched FM with AR Special

BBC news, they launched a FM in India for Tamilan's. The FM will be available to audiences of Radio Hello 106.4 across Tamil Nadu under partnership agreement signed between BBC World Service and Radio Hello 106.4 FM. Hello FM is part of Malar Publications Group and is the largest FM radio network in Tamil Nadu. The partnership in the sence, Radio 106.4 FM will rebroadcast the content produced by BBC Tamil FM team. BBC will launch its availability on Radio Hello 106.4 FM with an exclusive interview with the great composer Mr. AR. Rahman, who won 2 Oscars for the film Slumdog Millionaire.

Its an treat to the tamilan's especially the music lovers. Music Dot Net will also join in this music treat.

BBC News | Music Dot Net | Move Like

BBC planning a new talent contest in dance. The dancers have to imitates master Michael Jackson's legendary stage moves to win. The title of show is named as "Move Like", this aim to find the UK's most talented dancers and the producers of this show are hoping to call the members of Jackson family to be as a judges.

The producers of that show says that, "the people are so passsinate about Michael Jackson, this talent show is devoted to him and to his incredible performances. His family played a huge part in this life and this show will definitely makes sense for them to be a judge".

There is no doubt, that this will be a great program for MJ lovers and program will rock. Music Dot Net will support to the Contest.

Why Is Music so Meaningful?

The answer for the title question is yet to be discovered! However, researches conducted so far reveal a lot about the meaningfulness of music. Music today has become a career and is also used as therapy. This article focuses on the meaningful music that has an intricate relationship with our lives.

Music existed even before the human race. It is widely believed that music is divine. Although there have been quite a good number of researches and attempts to find the effects of music, there has been only a little that have been discovered so far. It has been discovered that even animals exhibit emotional responses to the meaningfulness of music.

In the human life, music has an integral part right from birth to death. The lullaby that soothes a crying child and puts it to sleep is the first meaningful music every human child hears. There are also very popular elegiac songs that pierce through the hearts of listeners and invoke a never before emotional response from within. Today, there is a variety of music prevailing all over the world. The popular Pop songs, hip hop music, or even the discothèque available today escalate the joy and lighten the heart of the listeners.

Legends like Michael Jackson have truly contributed much to the world of music with their alluring music. Music can calm the mind and relive you of your mental stress. Although lyrics add meaning to music, music by itself has a plethora of meanings that is yet to be explained.

AR Rahman's New Project | Music Dot Net

Again a news from AR Rahman, after winning two oscars for Slumdog Millionaire, he has captured the world's attention and made India Proud on the International Platform.

Now he is expected to sign in an multi-million dollar deal with the Universal Music Publishing Group soon, through this he aims to know his music to the world.

There is another talk, that he may also be signing an exclusive album series for Universal Publishing Production. Universal Publishing Production Music (UPPM), the world's leading production music library.

Another important news to the AR fans, he is going to release his own album through Interscope Records and also collaborate with many international artistes.

Lets say "Jai Ho" to the Maestro and Music Dot Net is waiting for the album... :)

Upcoming Hollywood News in Music Dot Net

Music Dot Net shares with you the latest news at Hollywood music, is about AR.Rahman's Son. His six years old son, Alim sung a song in hollywood movie "Couples Retreat". The Flim is about romantic comedy, which is directed by Billingsly with the lead actors Vince Vaughn, Kristen Bell and Jason Bateman.

The six years kid complete the song in this film , after finishing the song the entire team members is amazed and they proud of his talent. AR.Rahman has introduced many new talents to Indian film industry, now he introduced his son, may his son Alim also will reach the world like AR.Rahman.

One saying in Tamil "புலிக்கு பிறந்தது பூனை ஆகுமா". So definitely he will succeed in his life.

Music Dot Net is eagerly waiting for the movie "Couples Retreat"... :)

Music and Heart Attack

Today Music Dot Net shares you an important news in music, Italian Scientists found that music can be used to cure heart attack and stroke victims and they also found that it can affect blood pressure.

Scientists found that music with faster tempos will increase the blood pressure and heart rate, whereas slower music reduce the blood pressure and the heart rate. The same affect was also achieved by slowly changing the volume of the music.

Another interesting thing is, by combining slow and fast tempos they found that it is possible to control the cardiovascular system and eventually help its rehabilitation. The results were reported in the "Journal of the American Heart Association" by Professor Luciano Bernardi at the University of Pavia, in Italy.

They also found that swelling crescendos induced moderate arousal while the lowering volume of decrescendos induce relaxation. When the music pause, breathing, heart rate and the blood pressure decreased, somethings below the beginning rate. Slower music caused declines in heart rates.

Scientists also warned the headphones wearing peoples, it affects the electrocardiogram(ECG)
and the monitors to measure blood pressure, cerebral artery flow, respiration and narrowing of blood vessels on the skin.

So Friends... avoid headphones, hear slow music and enjoy the life with healthy heart and mind... :)