Music and Heart Attack

Today Music Dot Net shares you an important news in music, Italian Scientists found that music can be used to cure heart attack and stroke victims and they also found that it can affect blood pressure.

Scientists found that music with faster tempos will increase the blood pressure and heart rate, whereas slower music reduce the blood pressure and the heart rate. The same affect was also achieved by slowly changing the volume of the music.

Another interesting thing is, by combining slow and fast tempos they found that it is possible to control the cardiovascular system and eventually help its rehabilitation. The results were reported in the "Journal of the American Heart Association" by Professor Luciano Bernardi at the University of Pavia, in Italy.

They also found that swelling crescendos induced moderate arousal while the lowering volume of decrescendos induce relaxation. When the music pause, breathing, heart rate and the blood pressure decreased, somethings below the beginning rate. Slower music caused declines in heart rates.

Scientists also warned the headphones wearing peoples, it affects the electrocardiogram(ECG)
and the monitors to measure blood pressure, cerebral artery flow, respiration and narrowing of blood vessels on the skin.

So Friends... avoid headphones, hear slow music and enjoy the life with healthy heart and mind... :)