Tito And Toya Talks About MJ's Death

As we all know that there was a mystery behind MJ’s death, its been confirmed that Dr. Conrad Murray who treated MJ has administered him with “IV drip of the anesthetic Propofol” which is used only during anesthesia and turns out to be a deadly medicine for using as a aid for sleeping or as a pain killer. Is causes low pulse rate and eventually death. This has been administered on MJ for past two years. The doctor now is in big trouble. Its always like the patients on Propofol are hooked up to an EKG i.e., Electrocardiogram so that the heart rate can be monitored and its also shocking that MJ was not hooked up while the drug was administered on him. Dr. Murray is found to practice medicine in California, Texas and Nevada. His Houston office was also raided in search of Propofol. The Doc is alone in his Las Vegas Home.

Tito Jackson Comes public in talking about his famous brother’s death and how the family was before his death. Tito says that the family had no idea of what Mr. Conrad had been doing to MJ and who ever is responsible of MJ’s death has to brought to justice. La Toya on the contrary says that MJ has been murdered for sure with all the news coming up. Yet, Tito refuses to Toya by saying that she is entitled to her own conclusions and says firmly that he will not come to any conclusion until he comes to know about the entire situation and reports.