Health and Music in Music Dot Net

Music is everything to me, listening to music you can have a positive effect on your health as it helps you to relax and de-stress and also make you feel happy. Music can stimulate brainwaves, with faster beats bringing sharper concentration and more alert thinking, it also reduce the blood pressure, muscle tension and more. Listening to a joyful music will have a healthy effect on blood vessel function.

Playing or listening to music too loud can have negative health effects. Higher frequencies will have most effect on your hearing, so hear low frequencies music, make you feel quite in your mind, as it causes your body and organs to vibrate.

Music has been an intergral part of every culture since the beginning of human civilisation, it brings people together and spreads messages and reminds you that you are alive. It has many more benefits than health risks but remember to take your earplugs with you when going to a club, just to ensure you'll be listening to music for many more years to come!

Have fun with music dot net...Enjoy music...Take care of your health :)