Backstreet Boys Rocks

Today i like to post about backstreet boys journey in the pop world. Their first concert, on July 8, 1993, was performed for 3,000 teenagers at Sea World in Orlando, Florida. After that they became famous in US. Their first international song was published in 1996, "I'll Never Break Your Heart", this became a No.1 song in that year. The group earned their first platinum record in Germany and toured Asia and Canada. They became one of the most successful debut artists in the world.

The Second Album "Quit Playing Games With My Heart" was released in 1997, this album sold around 15 million copies. In 1999, the boys received their first Diamond Award from the RIAA for shipment of 10 million copies of their self-titled album.

Their gave some beautiful numbers to us like, "The One", "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely", and "I Need You Tonight", "I Want It That Way" and goes on....

And my favorite songs are "I'll Never Break Your Heart", "Quit Playing Games With My Heart" and "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely", these songs will do something to my heart and mind.

Now they are working on a new album "This is US". They formally announced the dates for the South Americans and European. The Boys say that their first single will be released in July and the album released in September-October.

I am waiting for the release of "This is US".