Shakira's Upcoming Album

Shakira, Everybody knows about her and her hip. She became famous in "Hips Dont Lie" (my favorite song), now she is going to release her new album "She Wolf". "She-wolf is the woman at daytime and the animal at night", this is the one line concept of her album "She Wolf". "She is a woman who knows what she wants and she goes for it. She's in touch with her most subconscious desires and she satisfies them — and she defends her freedom and her liberties and she does it with her teeth and claws, like a wild animal", this is what Shakira explained for upcoming album.

For this album she keep her composure while real life wolves surrounded and sniffed at her heels and she also said "But it was all fine. I think I was the most dangerous wolf of all of them".

The video is Shakira's attempt to imagine and showcase what it might feel like to be a she-wolf trapped in a cage, unable to escape and raging — with killer dance moves, of course — against her imprisonment. "I just wanted to express what it feels like for a she-wolf to be in captivity, to be in a golden cage," she explained. "I think I've been in a golden cage most of my life — and now not anymore." She also said in this album "she will be in cage and i'am going a little bit wild and i get a little carried away and start doing all kinds of outrageous stuff and hanging upside down and doing stuff that wasn't planned".

Hat's off to her hardwork. All the very best from music dot net to your upcoming album.... :)