About Melody in Music Dot Net

Music is based upon certain key elements. They are melody, harmony, rhythm and so on.. In our daily life we have a lot of pressure on our mind. There are simply too many things that occupy our mind. These may cause stress or even depression which leads to a mind which dont have peace. Obviously we need a peaceful mind so that we can build a calm atmosphere in any situation.

To overcome these situations we can do some simple things that relaxes our mind within some fraction of time. That is by listening music. It does not take much time in our daily busy schedules. Melodies have been recommended as an aid for positive change in mood and our emotional states.

Melodies have really a profound effect on us. The best example for this is the lullabies sang to calm children and make the child sleep. A little melody in our daily work makes us a feel relaxed inspite of our hectic schedules. Once you have found a right melody just sit back and focus on it to atleast 10 mins a day. It has the effect of lowering your heart rate and breathing rate and therefore releases the tension that comes with the pain. So it is advised by even doctors to listen to melodies which makes us stay cool...